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concept to launch

From concept to launch we set out to enhance your culinary vision and creativity.

- Chef Mike Deihl

about mike deihl group

concept to launch

The Michael Deihl Group, a full-service restaurant and culinary consulting firm in Atlanta, is fully equipped to handle all aspects of the development process, from the manufacturing and marketing of your product, the testing of different concepts, all the way through to launch into the marketplace. Most importantly, our team has the knowledge and experience to work with any type of cuisine and fully understands the value of respecting a chef’s culinary vision and creativity, so that the dishes created evolve out of his or her original inspiration.

our services

menu ideation

Menu development is essential to any restaurant whether you are adding a new item or designing a completely new menu.

food cost education

Chef Mike and his team provide instinctive and proven solutions to managing food costs while providing menu options that will bring your customers back for more!

product development

Bringing a new product to market has many challenges. We have experience with co-packers, sourcing ingredients and modifying formulas to fit manufacturing parameters.

front of house

The experience your customers and patrons receive will be remembered every bit as long as that succulent first and last bite of their meal.

[Chef] has the rare, innate gift to bring people together, focus their abilities and unify everyone in one direction and towards a shared goal.

-Chef J. Kevin Walker

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